Aging in Place Questions You Should Be Asking

Aging in Place Questions You Should Be Asking
Aging in Place Questions

Aging in place is a lifestyle choice that spans years of transitions. Evaluating your reasons to stay in your home helps to determine what steps need to be taken make that successful. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself  to come up with what comes next in your life.

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Your Current Home

What is important to you that makes you want to stay?

  • Great neighborhood
  • Makes financial sense
  • Friends and family are close
  • The size is right

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Essential Services

What services are easily accessible?

  • Shopping – grocery stores, clothing
  • Transportation
  • Medical centers
  • Bus line
  • Health club
  • Volunteer opportunities


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Staying in Place

Will you be able, or want to, manage the home that you live in now? For example, large gardens can be wonderful, until the maintenance becomes a burden.

  • Is your home safe for you right now?
  • Is there a room or space for a family member to stay if needed?
  • Have you researched modification options to your home for safety and comfort?
  • Have you considered technology opportunities?

When considering the next step into the future, its a good idea to assess where you are now and where you want to be in 5 years. Evaluating now and planning ahead  is a good start, taking action is even better. Let us help you make your home a safe place to stay in place, independant and comfortable.

These questions start a conversation between partners and loved ones. You probably have a few of your own, which you can discuss in the comments below. Or contact our office and start to take action today.


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