Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues
Busting the winter blues
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Make your own fun

The holidays have been wrapped up and put away, thank you cards written. The days are short, the weather is dreary and it’s easy to get a little down. Here are a few ways to beat the post-holiday blues.

Fowers for beating the blues
  • Plan for something fun. Plan a party or short get-away. Looking forward to an event is a proactive way to to stay focused on a bright future.
  • Add something positive to your day. Make a date with your friends or try a new healthy recipe with spices or vegetables you haven’t used.
  • Be realistic with goals. January is often the beginning of ambitious goals like losing weight, going to the gym more, cutting out sugar. While these are great targets, taking small steps is often the most successful way to achieving them. Add one or two workouts to your regular weekly gym schedule. Skip sweets after dinner. Set up a realistic weight loss plan and celebrate the small wins.
  • Change it up. Mix up the day by trying something different from the “usual”. Order a new coffee drink, take a different route to work or sign up for a new class. Learning something new forces your brain to engage and stimulates your creativity for adapting to the new situation.
  • Stay in touch with your friends. Did you miss seeing some of your friends over the holidays? Give them a call and schedule a meet-up or invite them to your home.
  • Find some humor. Laughing is fun and it’s good for you. There are lots of stand-up comedy shows on the internet and premium streaming channels.

Having an especially blue day? Here’s an idea; call a friend and make plans to go on a walk that ends up at a favorite coffee shop or lunch place. It won’t take too long for you to start feeling cheerier.

It’s normal to feel let down after the busy holidays. Embrace the down time and February will be here before you know it.


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