Save Money In Your Home

Save Money In Your Home
Saving Money with your home
Would you like to save money this year? Of course you would! Heating  our homes can be a big line item in the budget, especially during the cold winter months. Be sure your system is working well.
Save money with heat
How to improve your home’s efficiency:
A first step is to make sure that your home’s heating system is working properly. A professional home energy audit will show any areas that are leaking air so they can be sealed and work better. Here is a link for resources that can help you find a professional. Professional Energy Audits
Thermostats can help a home’s system working efficiently. You want to heat the house only when you’re in it. If you’re home most of the time, then a set temperature is comfortable. 68˚ is an optimum temperature for comfort and cost. But if you are in and out of the house all day, or work outside of the home, make sure the furnace is running only when you’re there. A thermostat with controls that can be scheduled will make cost-saving improvements.
*Tip for saving money – lower the temperature while you’re sleeping. It will save you money. Save money and comfort
Do you have a loved one or friend that might not be able to go through these steps? Help them save money by following these recommendations in their home. 
Are you out of town and can’t be there to help? Hire a professional to assess their heating system’s efficiency. The upfront costs will save them money in the future.
Saving money is a great way to start the new year. Check to make sure your home is efficient.
For more information on thermostats, read this:


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