Aging in Place is an inclusive term that describes the ability to stay in your home safe, comfortable and independent. It’s a lifestyle choice to prepare for transitions as your needs change over time.

Knowing that you want to stay in your home for a long time is great. Being proactive and designing a plan for your home to accommodate changes is important to meet those long term goals.


At Aging in Place by Design, we work with you to assess your current home and listen to your goals for staying in your home. Using building solutions and design strategies, together we can prepare your home for short term needs and long term lifestyle changes. The improvements may be minor updates or more involved depending your plans. From home assessment to hiring contractors, we  make the process of improving the safety of your home run smoothly.

Being proactive and planning ahead provides peace of mind for you and for your loved ones.




Growing Families

Families grow in size and numbers. We’ll help you plan ahead to create safe surroundings and prepare for the changes ahead.

Changing Lifestyles

We will work with you to be proactive and prepare for aging loved ones, making sure your home is safe, as well as theirs. Planning ahead can make adaptations seamless.

Staying Home

Happy to stay in your home and want to make sure you’ll be safe and independent? Together, we will design strategies and provide smart choices to make the process of aging in your home easy.

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We provide building solutions and design strategies for life changes that will make transitions easy. From hardware store solutions to remodel projects, our team will prepare your home for a safe, comfortable and independent future.

Email us at Contact@aginginplacebydesign.com, and start to plan for your future today.