Quick Wins For Safety

Quick Wins For Safety
Aging in Place Home Safety

Quick Wins to Improve the Safety of Your Home

Prevent Falls

Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injuries for people over 65

Tidy Up
Clutter can cause accidents. Pick up piles can tip over, be tripped over or hide potentially dangerous items.

Slip Proof the Floors
Small rugs and loose carpet can be tripping hazards. The best thing is to remove small rugs. If that’s not an option, make sure that they have a slip-resistant backing. Anti-slip tape, like Roberts Rug Gripper Anti-Slip Tape can be added for safety.

Add Grab bars
These are easy to install and can be helpful in the bathroom, kitchen and stairs. There are plenty of interesting and decorative grab bars these days. Some double for toilet paper holders. Win-win!

Improve Visibility

Vision changes as we age. Sensitivity to light can start in the 40’s.

Reduce Glare
Reflective light from highly polished floors, shiny surfaces and bright light on mirrors can make seeing clearly difficult. Look around your home to see if there are any places that glare can be reduced.

Brighten Work Spaces
Many older adults need more light than previously for everyday tasks including reading, writing and fix-it projects. Find where you like to work during your day, and switch out the old bulbs with some that have higher lumens. This video can help explain about lumens.

Let the Light Shine In
Natural light is an easy element and inexpensive. Heavy and dark-out blinds are great for sleeping, but make sure that light can fill your home during the day. If the light is too bright, use sheers that can add a light filter. Its good for your health to keep a consistent circadian pattern.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Check your Flashlights
Flashlights are helpful when the power goes out, and when you can’t see the corner in the back of your

Have an up-to date First Aid kit
Make sure there is easy access to an up to date first aid kit, this one is under $15. Get familiar with the contents – you might want to add a few of your own go-to products.

Update your Emergency Contacts
Create a list of emergency contacts and keep it in one easily accessed space. Be sure to include any other pertinent information like medications / allergies that someone should know about. Check with your doctor about that information.

House Numbers
Check your house numbers for good visibility from the street. If there is a problem, you want to make sure that the Fire Department can find you quickly.

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